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iPads and Apps-Stacey Abbott Maggie Phillips (redirected from Stacey - iPads and Apps)

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IPads and Apps to support Student Learning: Stacey Abbot, principal, and Maggie Phillips, teacher


  1. Bloom's Taxonomy and iPad Apps
  2. Administrators: A great app/resource that we use is Observation 360.  It's a great tool to observe, give feedback and suggest professional learning for your staff in a variety of arenas including ESOL, technology & higher oorder thinking.  You can find out more information at http://www.schoolimprovement.com/products/observation-360/ or you can also check out the attached brochure  Observation-360.pdf 




3. Student created iPad App Tutorials

List of apps used on iPads at www.teamphillips.weebly.com 

4.  Administrators: These ISTE Leadership standards help  guide me as I look for next steps at my school.20-14_ISTE_Standards-A_PDF.pdf

5. These TESOL Standards may be used as well to guide you: http://www.tesol.org/advance-the-field/standards     

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