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Facebook-Nery Alvarado (redirected from Nery Facebook)

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1 Facebook groups brief introduction.    





Prior to my workshop if you feel like perusing the following links, go for it!!


And for those of you that enjoy learning through video, aqui les va:


This is some vocabulary you may want to be familiar with before the  workshop. Check it out in the Urban Dictionary 

  • lurking / lurkers
  • Post

Here is a PDF of other words you might find useful.



This is what we'll discuss in the workshop:


  1. Groups:
    1. Join a group: IATEFL Group 
    2.  Create a group for your course
  2. Advantages and disadvantage 
    1. Remember once you create a group there is no going back.
    2. Privacy settings and how to tackle some issues
  3. Roles (teacher/facilitator - student/collaborator)
  4. Managing a group


2 Sample of an EFL Facebook group.

  1. Personal experience with a Hungarian group. I have included you as part of my group so you can check out the group.
    1. The DUF English Corner  
  2. Pros:
    1. Social media is a tool students use in personal lives.
    2. Easy access
    3. Ubiquitous 
    4. Belong to a community
    5. Provides you with new knowledge/friends who have common interest
    6. Flip the class - students take responsibility for their own learning.
    7. Students help to drive the curriculum.
  3. Cons:
    1. Management
      1. Separating private life and academic life
    2. Establish rules from the beginning
      1. Consequences - be consistent
    3. Privacy could be compromised, if you are not careful .
      1. How to Use Privacy Settings
    4. Social pressures
  4. Lessons Learned
    1. Look before you leap.
      1. Do your research.
    2. Keep up to date on the changes on Facebook.
    3. Remember to use "Netiquette".  


3 Hands on

  1. Create your own group. Remember ...
    1. Steps 
  2. Look for groups to join.
  3. Mock Facebook Page




  1. Nonnecke, B., & Preece, J. (1999). "Shedding light on lurkers in online communities". Ethnographic Studies in Real and Virtual Environments: Inhabited Information Spaces and Connected Communities: 123–128. 

  2. 9 Ways Facebook Changed How We Talk  http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/02/tech/social-media/facebook-words/?iref=obinsite
  3. Teacher's guide on creating a Personal Learning Network. http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2012/11/teacher-tutorial-on-creating-personal.html?m=1 




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