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At this link, http://www.tesol.org/attend-and-learn/international-convention/convention2014/pre-and-postconvention-education/pre--and-postconvention-institutes/pcis-tuesday-25-march 

this workshop is described as follows


8. Integrating CALL With Web 2.0 and Social Media
Target Audience: All ESOL educators
Skill Level: Basic computer skills
*This PCI is a computer-based workshop and will take place in the Electronic Village.

This workshop is animated by a panel of experienced CALL practitioners with specialized knowledge and expertise in using digital tools, and with a particular appeal to the interest of second language learners. The students in our classes today have grown up with digital tools, practically from birth. Integrating these tools in our educational spaces can make learning more interesting and appealing as well as prepare second language students for stimulating futures.

In this workshop, participants

  • develop expertise in a variety of CALL tools and techniques (flipped classroom, online environments, MOOCS, social media, iPads, applications, Web 2.0, project-based learning);
  • develop plans to integrate CALL/digital tools in their educational settings based on information presented in the workshop with guidance and modeling from presenters;
  • focus on what digital tools to implement, how to implement them in their individual educational communities, and how to assess the effectiveness of implementation of CALL in their educational settings; and
  • become part of a continued community of practice by contributing to a wiki containing information and links on CALL and the digital tools discussed in the workshop.



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